During all of our Cardiff Sea Safaris experiences we demonstrate a clear and unswerving commitment to safety – your safety and comfort are paramount and as one of the busiest operators of RIB passenger voyages in the UK we regularly review our practices to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry maintaining our standard for others to follow.

  • Should you require copies of our Insurance or Risk assessments we will be happy to e-mail them across to you in advance of your booking.
  • We closely follow the investigations conducted by the Maritime Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) to ensure that we follow the latest best practice, safety codes and modes of operation.
  • We strive to find a balance between commercial considerations, the thrill and excitement of high speed passenger boats while reducing the inherent risks as much as reasonably practical.


Cardiff Sea Safaris are licensed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) to 20 miles from a safe haven as well as local authority licences issued by Cardiff Harbour Authority. We operate to a strict Safety Management System (SMS) which provides clear operational procedures including regular:

  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency drills and procedure training
  • Shore side procedures
  • Pontoon boarding procedures and method statements
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Training programme and marine safety manual
  • Passage plans
  • Search and Rescue plans

Cardiff Sea Safaris Safety Management System is regularly reviewed by qualified experts in the power boating field.

Safety Equipment

All Cardiff Sea Safaris Vessels carry up-to-date safety equipment in accordance with local and flag state (UK) requirements which includes equipment for:

  • Abandoning the vessel
  • Protection from the cold
  • Treatment of first aid incidents
  • Man Overboard Recovery
  • Communications

Our skippers are in constant communication via VHF radio with the MCA, appropriate VTS/harbour authorities for our locations and other commercial/leisure vessels as well as our dedicated shore team by phone.

As with all boats we can be called upon at any time to assist another vessel in difficulty and due to our responsiveness, frequency of operation and level of equipment carried we have been able to help others in difficulty in the Bristol Channel on a number of occasions. We do not view ourselves as just a commercial operator, preferring instead to be seen as a responsible operator in the Cardiff Bay boating community and helpful wherever necessary to ensure that Cardiff Bay is as safe as possible for all water users.


Cardiff Sea Safaris carries both Public and Employer Liability Insurance in line with our legal requirements.


All Cardiff Sea Safaris Skippers are qualified to the level of RYA Advanced Powerboat with a Commercial Endorsement and benefit from extensive local knowledge and experience in using high speed craft with fare paying passengers. They must also have completed the Cardiff Sea Safaris specific training programme for each of the vessels they drive with regular training and emergency drills complemented by CPD.


Although not required by law to complete any specific training our crew/guides will also hold the RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate with a Commercial Endorsement or will be working towards it. All guides have under gone Cardiff Sea Safaris training which includes: basic boat handling, navigation, radio operation, emergency procedures and man overboard procedures.

Life Jackets

Adults and children are fitted with sleek automatic life jackets which will inflate should you enter the water, however they can also be inflated manually, our staff are required to fit and size these jackets to ensure a correct fit and adjustment.